Michael Scott, author of the highly successful Pillow Talk: A Comprehensive Guide to Erotic Hypnosis and Relyfe Programming (Blue Deck Press) is calling for suggestions for scripts to be included in a second edition of the Big Book of Erotic Hypnosis Scripts.

The Big Book, now in post-production stages, contains over 50 erotic hypnosis scripts, for nearly every interest and fetish. Oral addiction and sex slave scripts, scripts themed for BDSM fans and lesbian lovers.  Mr. Scott has received several requests and suggestions about new scripts to be included in future works and is seeking further input from readers about hypnosis scripts and erotic post-hypnotic suggestions (like oral addiction) to be included in a second edition of the book that Blue Deck Press will publish in May of 2014.

Ideas and suggestions should be sent to  Mr. Scott does respond to email received at this address.  Due to schedule restrictions, response times may vary from next day to a few weeks.

Pillow Talk is available now and The Big Book will be available by September 15th of this year, through,., and through quality booksellers everywhere.


About Blue Deck Press

I really hate it when the guardians of the truth (the press) or our representative govnerment work so hard to distort truth. It is down right scary.
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1 Response to Suggestions?

  1. Kenny says:

    I have a few suggestions for some Relyfe scripts.

    One suggestion would be to have some scripts to help the male be more “naturally” dominant and be a leader to respect, to de-wussify the male.
    To be able to go after what they want/need.
    I was raised in southern California in the early sixties, by a single mom with six kids. There weren’t any male role models around, so I never really learned how to be a leader and take, or be in, control of others, or to go after what I wanted for me.

    I’m not really into BDSM, but more into multiple girls, so some scripts to open up the female of choice to make her open to being with other girls and me at the same time, to help in the choosing and seducing of other females, and maybe even being part of a “harem”, me being the only male in her life, but me having multiple females in my life.

    I look forward to you new book coming out soon.

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