Michael Scott, author of the highly successful Pillow Talk: A Comprehensive Guide to Erotic Hypnosis and Relyfe Programming (Blue Deck Press) is calling for suggestions for scripts to be included in a second edition of the Big Book of Erotic Hypnosis Scripts.

The Big Book, now in post-production stages, contains over 50 erotic hypnosis scripts, for nearly every interest and fetish. Oral addiction and sex slave scripts, scripts themed for BDSM fans and lesbian lovers.  Mr. Scott has received several requests and suggestions about new scripts to be included in future works and is seeking further input from readers about hypnosis scripts and erotic post-hypnotic suggestions (like oral addiction) to be included in a second edition of the book that Blue Deck Press will publish in May of 2014.

Ideas and suggestions should be sent to  Mr. Scott does respond to email received at this address.  Due to schedule restrictions, response times may vary from next day to a few weeks.

Pillow Talk is available now and The Big Book will be available by September 15th of this year, through,., and through quality booksellers everywhere.

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Second Anniversary of Bestselling Help For Lovers

To celebrate the Second Anniversary of the release of Pillow Talk: The Comprehensive Guide to Erotic Hypnosis and Relyfe Programming, Blue Deck Press spoke with author Michael Scott about the book’s sales success, the feedback it has received and future projects. Excerpts from the surprisingly candid conversation, plus updates on new publications, appear below:

BDP: It’s been two years since Pillow Talk was released, and now, 24 months later, it remains the best selling book for lovers that we have ever handled. Were you surprised by its success?

Mike Scott: Boy was I! Blue Deck’s Bestseller! To be honest, I started writing the book so that folks could have answers about Relyfe Programming and its erotic applications to free me up to work on other things. I never expected that it would be in so much demand. I just wanted to be able to save a little time in the long run.

BDP: Has it worked?

Mike Scott: Not really, I mean it hasn’t saved me any work. I now spend a lot more of my time answering emails from my readers and developing new erotic scripts for publication than I ever have. You could say that it’s become a full time job, instead of a much loved hobby. Still, I am enjoying myself.

BDP: You’ve gotten enormous feedback on Pillow Talk. What’s been most surprising?

Mike Scott: All of it! No, to tell the truth, the biggest surprise has been the number of requests for scripts dedicated to lesbian lovers. After learning the techniques in Pillow Talk, a reader can develop their own erotic hypnosis scripts. I am guilty of being short sited here. I have several lesbian and gay only scripts, but I didn’t think to include any in Pillow Talk. Teaching was my focus in writing it, but I should have included a more diverse selection of scripts for the gay/lesbian community. My next project should correct that oversight and readers are always welcome to write for some of my shorter scripts along those lines. I am happy to email those to folks.

BDP: Readers have blogged that the book has strong bondage overtones. Did you write it with the BDSM Community mind?

Mike Scott: Pillow Talk is written for anyone who has an interest in erotic hypnosis, erotic mind control or Relyfe Programming. I think a lot of the people who have focused on the BDSM aspects of the book are looking at many of the hypnotic scripts provided in the book. They may be missing the point of the book. Pillow Talk isn’t just a compilation of erotic hypnosis scripts, it is a step-by-step manual for the absolute beginner to learn and perfect their own erotic mind control techniques. There are several scripts provided for the neophyte, but the book’s ultimate intent is for the reader to have the tools to develop their own.

BDP: On the subject of scripts; you mentioned your next project, is it true you’re working on an anthology of erotic hypnosis scripts?

Mike Scott: I am collaborating on one with another accomplished and prolific hypnotist, who just happens to maintain one of the oldest, and certainly the most diverse, website on the subject of erotic hypnosis. The scripts are all written, can just be read to your lover – they will put her or him in a deep trance, and the book itself is in what you guys call “post-development production”. I am not exactly sure what that means, but I am told it will be released in the early fall.

BDP: What’s the title?

Mike Scott: The Big Book of Erotic Hypnosis Scripts.

BDP: Appropriate. Can you give us a taste of the kinds of scripts you are including?

Mike Scott: Sure! The we’ve tried to runt he gamut of sexual interests in the Big Book. There are scripts on instant arousal, instant trances, orgasms on demand (for women), oral arousal, nipple arousal and orgasming, situational arousal, role playing, oral orgasming – allowing the person performing oral sex to orgasm intensely from the act or performing oral sex, mind wipe scripts, scripts to permit orgasming, orgasm control – denying or permitting orgasming, uncontrolled arousal, several dominance and submission / Master and sex slave scripts, erotic dreams, paddle me (for spanking lovers), hypnotic Viagra – which works very well – and several others. Hundreds of pages, and a total of 50 new scripts, never published in book form before, and several of my older scripts as well.

BDP: Which older ones?

Mike Scott: Well, I brought back the oral addiction script. That’s one that heterosexual, lesbian and gay readers alike seem to really enjoy, God knows I do. The scripts for instant arousal and situational arousal have been revised to apply to a broader set of subjects. Those seem to be favorites, I certainly get a lot of positive feedback on them.

BDP: On the subject of feedback, one of your reviewers on complains that Pillow Talk is dangerous, she called it a “date rape manual”. How do you feel about that?

Mike Scott: Erotic hypnosis and Relyfe Programming are tools, and only tools. I cannot control how they are used by the public. I intend that they be used, that my work and scripts be used, by consenting adults to improve their love lives. Erotic hypnosis promotes open sexuality and expression and it allows people a level of pleasure that is often unattainable otherwise. The vast majority of the email and letters I have received indicate that my work is being used to achieve these things. I will concede that I have received some requests to help undo things that have been “inflicted” on “victims”, particularly the oral addiction, but even in those situations there was no coercion. Not one person went into a trance without knowing that the person intended to put them there. Some nefarious minded individual may eventually induce hypnosis without the subject’s knowledge and then program them in ways that they hadn’t wanted, but as of today, with countless editions of Pillow Talk, I have received not one report of anything like that happening. Again, I am providing powerful tools for consenting lovers.

BDP: Has the book ever actually been abused?

Mike Scott: I did receive a letter from a high school teacher who reported that several of the kids in her school had formed a “Relyfe Club” where one teenaged boy was would use a script with a subject to induce sexual performance. She asked that I provide a script for the school’s psychologist to remove any lasting or unwanted effects of scripts, particularly the Master/slave scripts and the oral addiction. She also asked if there were some way to prevent Pillow Talk’s scripts from being effective with underage or minor girls. I crafted a script for the school and sent it off with a letter explaining that the only way to prevent erotic hypnosis from being used on kids is to make them wear ear plugs and to keep them away from internet chats. It’s better, I explained, to teach them about the possible pitfalls of hypnosis at an early age to prevent unwitting abuse and to keep from being a victim at any age.

BDP: Did she take your advice?

Mike Scott: I received a letter back expressing her thanks. I can’t tell you if she took it, but I do hope so. She did later purchase a couple of the MP3’s of my work from, so something must have impressed her.

BDP: The download site, ReadRead, has been offline for a little while, do you know when it’s expected to be back up?

Mike Scott: was formed by Stanford Acquisitions and operated under their auspices. The original owners had more than a few problems keeping up with non-digital orders for things, Pillow Talk in particular. I got together with BDP and obtained control of the site. Since last fall we have been making subtle revisions to be certain that there are no more delivery problems. We considered going to an all digital format, but elected to maintain a few limited physical items for sale. The Big Book will be available for advance order there in August, I believe, and the site should be up long before then.

BDP: There are other applications for Relyfe Programming. What are some of them? How do they help?

Mike Scott: The Relyfe techniques were originally designed to address anorexia and certain other life threatening mental health issues. Not as a treatment for the underlying problem so much as a way to address the symptoms, keeping the sufferer safe, until such a time as the psychological issue putting them at risk could be successfully treated by a professional. Relyfe techniques are used all over the world today to relieve suffering of anorexics, severe migraine suffers, people suffering from sex dysfunction and gambling addictions and intense obsessive/compulsive and weight disorders. I understand that they are also being touted a a cure for certain underlying issues, but I can’t comment on the accuracy of that. I can tell you that there have been studies done around the world addressing the individual techniques we bound into our program and the success rate has been very high. I am very proud of this work.

BDP: What’s next, now that you have completed the Big Book?

Mike Scott: We are going to have the Big Book scripts developed into MP3’s for publication on the ReadReadBook site. This time someone other than I will do the reading. My voice is on the early scripts and while I am accomplished as a hypnotist, I don’t think I should be the voice of Relyfe. While that’s going on, I expect to get the public forum up and running. There needs to be a public forum for the expansion and development of Relyfe techniques for things other than sex play and general treatment techniques. I have been asked to put together a certification process for Relyfe practitioners, but haven’t made a decision on that yet. I truly believe that others may be more qualified to develop such accreditation.

BDP: Thanks for your time. We look forward to the release of the Big Book and to your further work with Relyfe Programming.

The Big Book of Erotic Hypnosis Scripts will be available in both print form and as an e-book through (print and Kindle), (print and Nook), (print and PDF) in Barnes & Noble stores and through quality booksellers worldwide on September 1, 2013.

Audio downloads of Mr. Scott’s erotic and other Relyfe scripts will be available through again beginning on June 1, 2013.

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Blue Deck News

We are steadily working on getting everything updated and things ready for a new release sometime this summer. We enjoy feedback and questions so please feel free to comment and we will get with you as soon as possible…


The Big Book of Scripts is expected to be ready for public release sometime before summers end. We are also working on a few other things hopefully for early fall so stay with us and we will do our best to keep you updated.

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Book Release – Pillow Talk: A Comprehensive Guide to Erotic Hypnosis & Relyfe Programming

February 1, 2011 * * * Press Release * * *


Erotic Hypnosis Guide - Copyright 2011 - Blue Deck Press

Pillow Talk: A Comprehensive Guide to Erotic Hypnosis & Relyfe Programming


Pillow Talk: A Comprehensive Guide to Erotic Hypnosis & Relyfe Programming


by Michael Scott is now available:–A-Comprehensive/Detail

The definitive guide to Erotic Hypnosis & Relyfe Programming by one of the developers of the Relyfe system designed to teach you step-by-step complete control your lover’s mental and physical psycho-sexual reactions!

Plain language explanations of how hypnosis and erotic hypnosis work, scripts for hypnotizing your lover and guides for developing your own highly effective scripts.

This book will teach you:

– Complete Inhibition Release

– Orgasm Control (Orgasms on Demand and Orgasm Denial)

– On Demand Arousal

– Psycho-Sexual Binding and Dependency

– Relyfe in the BDSM Environment (sex slave absolute control)

– Fantasy Bimbo / Mindless Sexual Submission

– Gender Fantasy and Psycho-sexual Gender Reassignment

– and more!

Drive your lover (or intended lover) insane with uncontrollable need for you !

From simple explanations of how hypnosis can work with anyone to teaching the reader the Relyfe Programming techniques to make changes in their lover’s core personality traits, this is the definitive work on Erotic Sexual Control over yourself and others !

Available exclusively through /reed-red-books/ until mass release in June through

The Editors at Blue Deck Press solicited this work from Mr. Scott for over a year before he agreed to write it. It exceeded our expectations and we could not be happier !  

“…I have never seen a more complete work on the subject.  Anyone can use this book and be effective!  Well done !”  – Richard Welmer, PhD

“Supurb!” –  N.H. Baker, Editor – Erotic Book Review

“What a diabolical book !  Powerful…makes you wonder about the maliability of the human mind.  I had my doubts about reviewing this book, but…[We] tried the techniques in Pillow Talk for month and [she] is doing things she absolutely refused to do before, craving them, begging for them! Thank you!” – Jeff Goddard,  Author of The American Adventure

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Virtual Gastric Band as an Alternative to Weight Loss Surgery

By : Erika Slater

The Virtual Gastric Band is a relatively new hypnosis procedure developed as an alternative to Gastric Band weight loss surgery.

Using hypnotic suggestions a virtual gastric band is “installed” in a person’s stomach and thereby shrinking it to the size of a golf ball. The result is the individual becomes fuller quicker and satisfied on smaller portions of food which lead to weight loss.

The Virtual Gastric Band procedure offers all the benefits of the surgery but because no operation takes place none of the risks, discomfort and recovery time of real surgery. The hypnosis technique was developed in Europe where it’s enjoying widespread success under different names and slightly varying techniques.

Using hypnotherapy to simulate surgery is not new but is pioneering specifically in replacing weight loss surgery. Gastric Band Hypnosis uses techniques to convince the subconscious it has undergone the surgery without being wheeled into an operating table and actually having the surgical procedure performed. The techniques can include activities to simulate the sounds and smells of an operating theater to add to the effect on the subconscious.

Candidates for weight loss surgery include people who weigh more than 100 pounds over their ideal body weight, have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more, and/or type 2 diabetes. These people are candidates for a Virtual Gastric Band procedure. Anyone who has struggled with weight gain can also benefit from it.

Results and trials so far of Virtual Gastric Band treatments have been promising with some hypnotherapists reporting patients who’ve received the treatments have experienced a 74% – 95% success rate and losing and maintaining the loss of significant amounts of weight.

The average number of sessions required for this hypnotherapeutic procedure is four to six. The sessions incorporate a variety of treatment techniques. Besides hypnosis they involve NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and behavior therapy. These techniques are used in conjunction with the hypnosis to encourage the patient to rethink how they view food and eating in general.

The cost of the hypnosis procedure is significantly less than gastric band surgery. The sessions after the “fitting of the gastric band” educate the patient about food in a manner that’ll improve their health and not hinder it. It discourages the idea of dieting to drop pounds.

Hypnotherapy has long been a popular technique for weight loss but with the rising levels of obesity in America – more than 65% of adults are overweight, obese or morbidly obese according to the National Institute of Health – it’s likely to become even more popular.

The rise in obesity has also spiked a rise in the incidence of type II (or type 2) diabetes. It has been estimated by the American Diabetes Association that as many as 21 million individuals suffer from diabetes while an estimated 54 million people are classified as pre-diabetes.

There is a direct connection between obesity and type II diabetes. In fact more than 85 percent of those who have been diagnosed with type II diabetes are individuals who are overweight or obese.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis is a technique that could greatly improve the health and lives of these individuals without the risks inherent with surgery.

Author Resource:- Erika Slater is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Massachusetts and specializes in weight loss and smoking cessation. You can find more tips for weight loss and help for other lifestyle changes at her web site. She is currently offering private Virtual Gastric Band in Boston weight loss sessions in her metro-west practice location, and you can find out more details about these sessions, other hypnosis services she offers, and various self-hypnosis programs available, by visiting her web site at:

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Relyfe Programming – Innovations in Erotic Hypnosis for Lasting Changes in BDSM Relationships

There is a difference between the commonly growing public dabblings in erotic hypnosis and the advent and development of Relyfe Programming.

(A book on the subject is now available – see this link:–A-Comprehensive/Detail )
(There are several MP3’s available there as well that you can use to take erotic control of your lover! – Ash)

In the course of normal erotic hypnosis one of two things usually happens, either the subject is put in a trance and taken through an erotic encounter/fantasy, or the subject is given a set of commands that are supposed to change behavior (creating or reinforcing desired traits). Sometimes this is accomplished through placing triggers in the subject’s subconscious or more commonly by just telling him or her that he or she will act or feel a certain way. The effects of this type of hypnosis are often short-lived and are effective with that portion of the population which is could be considered good hypnotic subjects from the start.

Additionally, normal forays into erotic hypnosis can create real problems in subjects. The dabblers are often untrained (because any idiot can learn to hypnotize in 15 minutes watching YouTube) and aren’t ready, or even inclined, to consider the impact that having access to the deeper levels of a person’s psyche can have on that person’s mental and emotional health. Most erotic hypnotists are hacks. Comparing them to competent hypnotists is like calling a person who can use Macros in Microsoft Word a computer programmer. They may be able to manipulate the machine of the mind, but when the system reboots itself, their program has to be constantly reopened by the user to work.

Relyfe Programming is something different. In Relyfe (pronounced “relief” believe it or not) the subject’s entire persona is changed. Based primarily on the non-erotic work of Dr. Milton Erickson (the father of modern hypnotherapy arguably the most effective mind-control practitioner in history), Relyfe changes the subjects personality and psycho-sexual needs from the ground up. Ericksonian permissive techniques allow the programmer to bring about the desired changes with the subject doing most of the work herself.*

Relyfe’s creator  has practiced hypnosis to help people with chronic pain for nearly 25 years.

A properly developed Relyfe program will change the subject’s perceptions to help her “remember” that the kinds of traits the programmer desires. Practically everyone who lives has had experiences which can be bonded to any kind of sexual inclination. Those memories can be brought to the surface using Relyfe techniques and then made into the dominant ones. A Reflye subject becomes “freed” from the constraints of other, less desired traits, and, if the programmer so chooses, the subject becomes addicted to the things the programmer cares about. Relyfe programming links the subject’s fears and insecurities to disappointing the programmer, the programmer can even go so far as to create real, functional, phobia’s about this. Disturbing, but true. The effects are that deep.

The normal tricks of erotic hypnosis, orgasm on command, instant arousal, sex toy mindset, etc., are all available to the Relyfe programmer, but their effects are lasting, permanent, triggers and reactions reinforcing themselves automatically, unconsciously, growing in strength and permanence every day.

Relyfe techniques have been used for lasting gender re-orientation techniques, perfecting control over true chronic pain and to end, really end, drug addiction. They are effective and permanent.

I doubted the efficacy of Relyfe methods, challenged their creator, and I have to admit, I was surprised and impressed with the outcome.

July 27, 2011

Quick update: Pillow Talk is now the best selling Erotic Hypnosis how-to book on and MP3 downloads or Relyfe and Erotic Hypnosis files to use with your lover are available through on CD or as instant downloads.

The feed back we have gotten has been great! And we have convinced Mr. Scott to write a “Big Book of Erotic Hypnosis Scripts” which will be released in the first week of August. Keep emailing him and letting him know what other scripts you would like to see: !



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This is sooo cool

I am going to be blogging in the coming days about abuses in the legal system, by the legal system, and another corporate or governmental abuses. Please send me any information or ideas you may have about these areas of interest. Sometime soon I hope to put up a professional site (professional news) but until then, I have this great site ! If you know of a corporate or governmental abuse, share! It is the free expression of ideas that keeps our public aware and (we hope) our government honest !

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